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RTFC Translator enables simultaneous translation from text to braille and vice versa.

[Screenshot with onscreen keyboard opened and the text "Hello, World!" in the edit box, the translated text in braille appears below]

RTFC Translator is an app for blind users, teachers and everyone interested in braille.

With RTFC Translator you can ...

  • Enter printed text or import it via the clipboard and get the translation in braille
  • Enter braille via a connected braille device in grade 1 or 2 and get the printed text thanks to back translation
  • Share entered texts with other apps and, for example, write notes or send e-mails in braille
  • Import braille grade 1 or 2 via the clipboard and get the translation in printed text
  • exchange "secret" messages with your friends that can only be "deciphered" with braille knowledge or this app
  • communicate with a deaf blind friend who is able to enter texts in braille using a connected braille device

[Screenshot with onscreen keyboard closed and the text "Hello, World!" in the edit box, the button for swapping the translation direction is focused]

Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback to [eMail] support@rtfc.eu. We appreciate every message and will try to add requested features and improvements to the app.


  • Converts German braille according to the following rule sets:

  1. Das System der Deutschen Brailleschrift (nach den Beschlüssen vom 14. November 2015 in Frankfurt a. M.).
  2. Das System der Mathematikschrift in der Deutschen Brailleschrift (nach den Beschlüssen vom 30. November 2013 in Basel).
    This includes all mathematical signs and expressions that can be entered using a standard PC keyboard. These expressions can be represented as passages in German math braille.

  • Supports 3 grades of braille: uncontracted braille, contracted braille and the German Vollschrift (almost uncontracted)
  • In addition English (UEB), French and Spanish are available
  • The translation is granted to be accurate for a vocabulary of more than 2,000,000 of the most frequent words
  • When importing via the clipboard the app automatically detects whether it is normal text or braille unicode
  • Indicating case can be selected independent from the grade of braille (optional)
  • Case will also be indicated where ever there are capital letters within words as in acronyms, abbreviations or roman numbers (defeatable)
  • Accented letters are represented by the closest matching unaccented letter (transcription) or the original dot pattern of the respective language (optional)
  • Web addresses are shown as passages in computer braille code automatically (defeatable).
  • Lower numerals are used for representing dates, fractions with whole numbers and decimal classifiers (defeatable).
  • grouped figures are separated by using the appropriate group signs of the current language in order to save space. No repeated number signs required (defeatable)
  • Superfluous spaces within mathematical expressions are removed (defeatable)
  • A special translation mode for mathematical expressions allows for converting whole texts into German math braille (Optional)
  • You can insert any dot pattern at any position in the text in the form <PTnnn>
  • An automatic spelling correction increases the efficiency of contraction for German texts which are not written in "Reformierter Rechtschreibung" (texts not conforming to the new German spelling rules of 1996)
  • Additional functionality for passages in uncontracted braille, computer braille code and a special translation mode for proper names extend the capabilities of the app for any use case of professional braille translation

System Requirements

  • iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 14.0 or later
  • support for the iPad is to come soon

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